Holly Valance

About: Holly was born on the 11th of May 1983 in Melbourne, Australia to Mother Rachel and Father Ryko Valance. Her Mother is English and her Father’s family hail from Montenegro.

She began a modelling career at age 12 when she discovered she was too young legally to get a job at McDonalds where all her friends worked, and always very ambitious, had to find some other way of earning money. Never really passionate about modelling but successful, she continued until the age of 15 when an opportunity arose to audition for her childhood favourite TV series “Neighbours”. Valance was given the role of bolshie ‘Felicity Scully’ and would remain a show favourite for 3 years. Whilst still shooting the series Holly’s other passion, music, was being pursued. She was signed by London records and commenced work on her first record soon after.

Her first single “Kiss Kiss” released in 2002 went straight to Number #1 in her home country of Australia, and the UK. Followed by hits “Down Boy” & “Naughty Girl”. She released her first album “Footprints” later in 2002 and spent the next 2 years travelling Europe and Asia promoting it, while also making her sophomore album “State of Mind” released in 2003. Having lived in London, England for 2 years after Neighbours and travelling the world promoting her successful albums, Valance felt it was time again to change the scenery.

Moving to Los Angeles to focus on her acting, she resided there up until now, for over 4 years. Holly landed a dream role in 2005 in film DOA:Dead or Alive. A huge martial arts fan Holly got to train for months full time in WuShu Kung Fu before shooting the action flick, a style she’d always admired. Studying Muay Thai since the age of 14 she had to re-learn a basic roundhouse kick to fit the new style. After four months in the Chinese desert, which she says was one of the hardest things she’s ever had to do, the girl-power fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants movie was received particularly well by young girls. “It was great to be the hero’s instead of the cute girlfriends. We were the tough one’s, and it was all real. Having landed roles in successful show’s like “Prison Break” as sneaky Czech stripper Nika Volek, a memorable role in HBO’s “Entourage” playing perfect 10 Model ‘Leanna’, “Shark” & CBS’s new hit “Moonlight”, Holly enjoys living in Los Angeles where she continues the pursuit of her craft.

When not shooting film & TV Holly enjoys going to boxing/kick-boxing bouts. Hiking in the LA canyons. Yoga is also becoming an important part of her life. A huge fan of dance having trained in jazz ballet from the age of 7 Holly loves the nightlife in Los Angeles and dreams of one day owning her own club. A massive fan of Electro, Valance wants to create one of the hottest dance clubs in town, the music style a rarity there. A bit of a tomboy at heart Holly is also car crazy, loves card games and shooting galleries (almost non-existent in Australia). Until Holly’s satisfied she’s had her last fight, she’ll continue to tough out a career in fickle Hollywood


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