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Ciara "Ciara: The Evolution" Multi-platinum R&B star Ciara returns with her highly anticipated sophomore album Ciara: The Evolution. The new album shows Ciara's growth as a singer, songwriter, producer, and as a performer. Ciara says "For this album, I took my inspiration from many different influences and the sound really reflects that." Included with Ciara: The Evolution is a BONUS DVD featuring dance instruction for "Get Up," the "Get Up" video, dance instructions for "Promise," and the "Promise" video. And, as if that isn't enough, the DVD also includes special behind-the-scenes moments with Ciara!

The jury's still out on discs with spoken-word interludes. Should the music always speak for itself? Or is the occasional verbal breakdown useful? Ciara, R&B's most tantalizing goodie (without the two shoes), makes clear on The Evolution that she prizes the chance to tell listeners how it is--four between-song snippets dot the disc. But her momentary digressions will probably make up more than a few minds that Janet Jackson, and only Janet Jackson, ought to be allowed to ramble before the mic: when the music is this hot, it doesn't matter how sincere or saucy the dialogue--it's a distraction. The Evolution is a door-buster of a CD--Lil Jon gets the speakers jumping in milliseconds on opener "That's Right," Ciara dabbles in Curtis Mayfield-style creative phrasing on "Promise" (and it works), and Chamillionaire pumps "Get Up," a play-it-loud club number, full of hip-hop heat. Helpers and inspirers aside, though, this is Ciara's party, and she knows how to please a guest. "Get In, Fit In" finds her putting the sizzle in a space-age soundscape. And the buzz and fuzz of "I Proceed" plump her breathy vocals enough to put a point across, that being that few modern songstresses work a beat better. The striking part, and the part she should take into account the next time she's considering a disc with interludes, is that she didn't even need to tell us so. --Tammy La Gorce


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